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GARDENA Cleaning Fleece

R 230.00

Get Sparkling Clean Surfaces with GARDENA Cleaning Fleece!

Embrace the new standard of cleaning with the GARDENA Cleaning Fleece! Designed as a perfect match for the GARDENA Window Cleaner with Wiper, it promises to deliver impressive results. Unleash the power of effective, effortless cleaning!

👋 Easy to Attach, Easier to Remove Thanks to its Velcro backing, our Cleaning Fleece easily detaches from the Window Cleaner. You can swiftly remove it when needed and attach it back with equal ease.

🧼 Outstanding Cleaning Results Made from high-quality microfibres, the Cleaning Fleece allows you to achieve clean glass surfaces with minimal effort. Experience a new level of cleanliness that leaves your surfaces sparkling!

🌊 Simple to Clean Our Cleaning Fleece is washable up to 60° in the washing machine. Maintain its cleanliness with ease for long-lasting, reliable use.

5-Year Warranty We stand by the quality of our Cleaning Fleece with a 5-year warranty. Trust in a product that is designed to last.

Give Your Windows the Clean They Deserve! 🏡 Say hello to fuss-free, effective cleaning with the GARDENA Cleaning Fleece. Your surfaces are waiting to shine!


Product Specifications
* Warranty: 5 years