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GARDENA Classic Rose Sprinkler Foxtrot

R 222.00

Savour the Dance of Hydration with GARDENA Classic Rose Sprinkler Foxtrot!

Experience a performance like no other with the GARDENA Classic Rose Sprinkler Foxtrot. Crafted to water your beloved garden efficiently, this sprinkler ensures an evenly hydrated, puddle-free paradise.

👌 Unmatched Even Irrigation

The Foxtrot sprinkler dances its way through your garden, spreading water evenly and meticulously. Whether your garden is small or medium-sized, it ensures optimal irrigation without water waste.

🌼 No More Puddles

Say goodbye to inconvenient puddles! Our Foxtrot sprinkler design allows water to soak into the soil evenly, preventing the formation of water pools that could harm your plants.

🌱 Secure Stand

Never worry about your sprinkler moving out of place. Equipped with a sturdy spike, the Foxtrot offers stable positioning, standing firm even on the liveliest of watering days.

🏅 Trusted Quality and 5-Year Warranty

Made to last, the GARDENA Classic Rose Sprinkler Foxtrot assures enduring performance. We believe in our product so much that we offer a generous 5-year warranty.

Transform your garden watering routine into a joyful dance with the GARDENA Classic Rose Sprinkler Foxtrot. Give it a whirl today!


Product Specifications
* Area coverage min: 9 m²
* Area coverage max: 130 m²
* Range of Spray (m): max. 13 m
* Warranty: 5 years
* Irrigation sector: 360°