GARDENA Classic Hose 13mm x 20m, incl fittings and hose bracket

R 699.00

Starter set with bracket and hose
For storing the hose, it is simply wound around the Wall Hose Bracket. Always ready-to-use. There are practical hanging options for nozzles, sprayers or sprinklers. Always accessible when you need them. For long enjoyment while watering.

* Included Components: Classic Hose, 1 x Cleaning Nozzle, 1 x Water Stop, 1 x Hose Connector, 1 x Tap Connector, 1 x Adapter
* Hose length: 20 m
* Hose Diameter: 13 mm
* Warranty: 5 years
* Max. capacity: 35m x 13mm (1/2"), 25m x 15mm (5/8"), 20m x 19mm (3/4")