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GARDENA City Gardening Vertical Gardening Corner Watering Kit

R 569.00

For the irrigation of up to 12 corner planters with water connection
The GARDENA NatureUp! Irrigation Set Corner Water Tap includes all the components necessary for trouble-free and economical irrigation of up to 12 corner planters. The pressure-reducing Master Unit is connected to the tap via the Adapter Piece. The planters are accurately irrigated using thin Drip Irrigation Lines via the supply pipe system.

* Immediately ready to use
The GARDENA NatureUp! Irrigation Set Water Tap includes all components for the economical irrigation of corner planters. The set can be automatically controlled with a GARDENA Water Control (not included).

* Flexible and easy handling
The simple connection technology guarantees the easy set-up and conversion of the irrigation system as well as a permanently tight pipe connection.

* Included Components: 1 Master Unit 1000, 1 Shut-Off Valve 4,6 mm, 12 Connectors 4,6 mm, 10 T-Pieces 4,6 mm, 1 Cross Fitting 4,6 mm, 13 L-Pieces 4,6 mm, 13 Plugs 4,6 mm, 12 Drip Irrigatiion Lines 14 cm, 11 Supply Pipes 16,5 cm, 9 Supply Pipes 8,5 cm, 3 Supply Pipes 4 cm, 1 Supply Pipe 150 cm (all Pipes 4,6 mm)
* Use: For watering up to 12 plants or 12 corner planters with a water supply