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GARDENA City Gardening Balcony Box

R 923.00

GARDENA City Gardening Balcony Box: The Ultimate All-in-One Solution for Urban Gardeners!

🌼 Elevate your balcony or terrace garden with the GARDENA City Gardening Balcony Box, a comprehensive set designed specifically for urban gardeners. 🏙️ This space-saving kit includes a trowel, a grubber, secateurs, and a hand brush, all conveniently stored in a weather-resistant plastic box. With everything you need at your fingertips, cultivating a thriving garden in your city haven has never been easier! 🌱

Impressive Features and Benefits:

  • Smart Storage: The spacious plastic box not only protects your hand tools and accessories from dirt and weather, but can also be mounted on a wall for easy access.
  • Double-duty Lid: The box's lid is equipped with a rubber lip, allowing it to function as a dustpan for effortless clean-up.
  • Trowel: The compact GARDENA Trowel is perfect for planting and transferring plants in balcony boxes or flowerpots.
  • Grubber: Effortlessly loosen soil in balcony boxes and flowerpots using the compact GARDENA Grubber.
  • Hand Brush: Sweep up soil and debris with the GARDENA Hand Brush, featuring soft, dense bristles for excellent cleaning results.
  • Secateurs: Customised for urban gardeners, the GARDENA Balcony Secateurs cut flowers, herbs, and thin branches with ease, thanks to their stainless steel blades and adjustable handle positions. Plus, a single-hand safety lock ensures secure use.

Transform your urban oasis with the GARDENA City Gardening Balcony Box – the ultimate companion for balcony and terrace gardeners. 🌿