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GARDENA City Gardening Balcony Basics Set

R 587.00

Dive into the Delights of Gardening with the GARDENA City Gardening Balcony Basics Set! 🌻

Unleash your inner gardener with the GARDENA City Gardening Balcony Basics Set. This comprehensive kit is brimming with practical tools to kickstart your journey into the enchanting world of gardening.

🚿 Multifunctional Watering Can

Experience the practicality of the Multifunctional Jug. Use it as a compact watering can to nourish your plants, or as a handy chute for potting soil. This sturdy plastic companion enhances your gardening efficiency.

🌷 Classic Hand Trowel

Bury your hands in the earth and feel the joy of planting and transplanting in flower boxes, flowerpots and flowerbeds. The Classic Hand Trowel is your ideal partner for nurturing a lush green space.

✂️ Classic Secateurs

Experience the satisfying snip of the Classic Secateurs. Perfectly suited for cutting flowers and fresh, young shoots, the secateurs boast a non-stick coated upper blade, rust-proof stainless steel bottom blade, and ergonomically shaped handles.

🧤 Planting and Soil Gloves

Slip your hands into the comfortable Planting and Soil Gloves, offering exceptional protection, especially when working with wet soil. The latex coating ensures dry and clean hands, while the elastic knit fabric promises a perfect fit and breathability. No more sweaty hands!

🏆 Quality Assurance

Each item in the GARDENA City Gardening Balcony Basics Set is built to last and assist you on your gardening journey. Uncover the joy of gardening today!

So, what are you waiting for? Transform your balcony into a blooming oasis with the GARDENA City Gardening Balcony Basics Set! 💦🌿


Product Specifications

Product Specifications
* Use: Watering, shovelling, planting/transplanting and cutting flowers and young shoots
Planting and Soil Gloves - Size 8/M.