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GARDENA Blade for PowerMax Lawnmower 1200/32

R 373.00

Give Your Lawnmower a New Lease of Life with the GARDENA Blade for PowerMax Lawnmower 1200/32! 

Does your lawnmower need a pick-me-up? The GARDENA Blade for PowerMax Lawnmower 1200/32 is here to revitalise your gardening experience! Engineered for excellence, this high-quality spare blade promises a clean and precise cut every single time.

Designed for PowerMax™ This blade is specifically tailored for your GARDENA Electric Lawnmower PowerMax™ 1200/32. It's a perfect fit, enhancing your lawnmower's performance and guaranteeing that you get the most out of your tool.

🔪 High-Quality Materials Crafted from hardened, powder-coated steel, this blade offers exceptional durability and resilience. It's a robust and long-lasting companion for your lawn care needs.

💎 Superior Cutting Performance Restore your lawnmower to its prime with this spare blade. Watch as your machine's cutting performance increases dramatically, ensuring a neat and tidy lawn that's sure to be the envy of your neighbours!

🌱 Clean and Precise Cut Designed to deliver a precise and clean cut, this blade ensures your lawn looks professionally manicured every time. Relish the sight of your beautifully trimmed grass!

Breath new life into your lawnmower with the GARDENA Blade for PowerMax Lawnmower 1200/32 today! 🛒 Bring back the joy of mowing and make your lawn the talk of the town!


Technical Specifications
* Article No.: 4080-20
* EAN-Code: 4078500408004