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GARDENA Adjustable Cleaning Sprayer

R 222.00

Empower Your Gardening with the GARDENA Adjustable Cleaning Sprayer!

Revolutionise your gardening with the GARDENA Adjustable Cleaning Sprayer! With our adjustable sprayer, watering plants or washing outdoor surfaces becomes an absolute joy. Even in the frosty months, this sprayer will be by your side!

💧 Customisable Watering Experience Our sprayer gives you the power to control water flow precisely, offering a range from gentle mist to powerful jet. Experience the ultimate control in your hands!

🍃 Perfect for Delicate Plants The soft mist function is designed with your delicate plants in mind. Treat your plants to a gentle shower that invigorates without causing harm!

🧹 Powerful Cleaning Jet Switch to a hard jet function when it's time for cleaning. Blast away dirt and grime with ease, revitalising your outdoor surfaces!

🖐️ Effortless Usage Long watering sessions won't be a pain anymore! With a pulse trigger that can be locked for continuous water flow, your hands will thank you for choosing our sprayer.

❄️ Frost-proof Design Frosty weather is no match for our sprayer. Its frost-proof design ensures you can enjoy its benefits all year round!

Join the GARDENA family and experience the difference of our Adjustable Cleaning Sprayer. Embrace a new level of gardening comfort and efficiency!


Product Specifications
* Frost protection: Yes
* Warranty: 5 years