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GARDENA Accessory Adaptor American Thread

R 29.00

GARDENA Accessory Adaptor American Thread - Uniting Your Garden Essentials! 

Effortlessly connect your garden accessories with the GARDENA Accessory Adaptor with American Thread! Designed to solve your hose compatibility issues, this adaptor transforms any female threaded nozzle or sprayer into a perfect match for your hose connector.

💡 One Simple Solution, Infinite Possibilities

Got a nozzle or sprayer with a female thread that's not fitting your hose connector? That's no longer a problem! Simply screw on the GARDENA Accessory Adapter, and voilà – it seamlessly fits all parts in the Original GARDENA System. Every problem indeed has a solution! 🛠️

🇺🇸 American Thread for Universal Compatibility

Embrace universal compatibility with our Accessory Adapter that comes with an American thread. Perfectly fitting your needs, this little tool is your passport to a frustration-free gardening experience. 🌎

❄️ Frost Protection for Enhanced Durability

With in-built frost protection, this Adaptor is prepared to serve you year-round, come rain or shine, or even frost! Enjoy enhanced durability and reliability that helps you keep your garden lush and lovely throughout the seasons. 🌦️

With the GARDENA Accessory Adaptor American Thread, connect and cultivate your garden effortlessly! Add it to your gardening toolbox today!


Product Specifications

  • Use: For adapting sprinklers with female thread to the Original GARDENA System
  • Thread: US thread
  • Frost protection: Yes