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GARDENA 6 Way Water Distributor Automatic

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GARDENA 6-Way Water Distributor Automatic: Effortless, Customised Garden Irrigation

💧 Take control of your garden's watering needs with the GARDENA 6-Way Water Distributor Automatic. Efficiently manage up to six different areas, ensuring your plants receive the perfect amount of water they require. Transform your garden while enjoying more free time and healthier plants! 🌱🌼  (Includes: 5 Tap Connectors, 3 Water Stops)

🌿 Automatic Irrigation for 6 Areas: Effortlessly water your lawn, potted plants, beds, hedges, and flower boxes with just one Water Control (not included). Achieve reliable and convenient irrigation, tailored to your garden's unique needs. GARDENA Water Control Master is required to use the 6 Way Water Distributor

🔧 Easy to Operate: Deactivate non-required outlets with the simple setting lever, giving you full control over your garden's irrigation.

💡 Flexible & Space-Saving Design: Six outlets are placed next to each other, arranged in one direction, and can be mounted on the ground or the wall to save space.

📏 Specifications:

  • Energy Supply: Mechanical
  • Operating Pressure Min: 1 bar
  • Operating Pressure Max: 6 bar
  • Thread: 26.5mm (G3/4) male thread

🌟 Your Garden's Intelligent Solution: The GARDENA 6-Way Water Distributor Automatic is perfect for gardens with various watering needs, particularly when water supply is limited. Achieve a thriving, well-irrigated garden with minimal effort. 💦🌷

Upgrade your garden's irrigation game with the GARDENA 6-Way Water Distributor Automatic! Invest in the smartest watering solution today and revel in the joy of a flourishing garden. 🛍️🌳