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FELCO 9 Pruning Secateurs Ergonomic Left-Handed

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🌿 FELCO 9 Pruning Secateurs: Left-Handed Precision at Your Fingertips! 🌿

Welcome to the world of exceptional pruning with the FELCO 9! Expertly designed for left-handers, these pruning shears are the epitome of ergonomics and efficiency, effortlessly becoming an extension of your arm.

🍃 Key Features & Benefits:

  • Effortless Handling: Lightweight forged aluminium handles, backed with a lifetime guarantee, ensure you're always ready for any pruning challenge.
  • Heavy-Duty Excellence: Navigate even the most demanding pruning tasks with ease and comfort, thanks to its robust design.
  • Intuitive Angled Head: The unique angled head ensures a natural, efficient, and supremely comfortable pruning action.
  • Superior Sharpness: Trust in FELCO's renowned heat treatment to give you a lasting ultra-sharp edge.
  • Ultimate Comfort: Cushioned, non-slip grips guarantee comfort, while rubber shock absorbers reduce fatigue.
  • Seamless Operation: The sap groove keeps the blade from sticking, while the wire cutting notch ensures multi-functionality.
  • Sustainability Champion: Embrace eco-friendliness with a tool made in Switzerland using 100% renewable energy and built for longevity with replaceable parts.
  • Swiss Signature: The red handles aren’t just ergonomic, they’re a nod to our Swiss legacy and a beacon in any gardening environment.

🌸 Experience the Difference:

  • Feel Empowered: With every precise cut, feel an unmatched sense of accomplishment and expertise.
  • Relish the Comfort: Every pruning session becomes a pleasure, thanks to the tool's ergonomic design.
  • Trust in Durability: Enjoy peace of mind with our long-lasting, high-performance tool.
  • Celebrate Sustainability: Take pride in using a tool that champions eco-friendliness.

Crafted for left-handers, the FELCO 9 Pruning Secateurs aren't just a tool; they’re a statement of your gardening prowess. 🌹

🌟 Elevate your pruning experience. Choose FELCO 9 today! 🌟


  • Cutting Diameter: 25.00mm 📏
  • Weight: 245g ⚖️
  • Length: 210.00mm 📐
  • Perfect for: Large hands ✋