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FELCO 503 Swiss Knife

R 909.00

Meet the FELCO 503 Swiss Knife: The Pinnacle of Precision and Practicality! 🌟🔪

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled world of Swiss craftsmanship with the FELCO 503 Swiss Knife. A perfect blend of elegance and multifunctionality, this pocket-sized wonder ensures you're ever-ready to tackle any challenge life throws your way.

Here's why the FELCO 503 is not just a knife, but an experience:

🔸 Sleek & Powerful: A contemporary design promises not just aesthetics but also an ease of use that welcomes hands of all sizes.

🔸 Universal Mastery: Tailored for every individual, righty or lefty, ensuring an efficient and comfortable experience, every single time.

🔸 Ultimate Comfort: An ergonomic curved shape significantly reduces wrist strain, while ensuring each cut and twist feels just right.

🔸 Delight in Every Touch: The scratch-resistant “soft-touch” handle isn't just a pleasure to hold but promises hours of comfortable use.

🔸 Quick Access, Total Safety: Dive straight into its tools without a second thought. A dedicated blade locking system ensures absolute safety during use.

🔸 A Symphony of Tools: From the precision of the 75mm blade to the elegance of a sommelier-type corkscrew, it's all designed for your convenience.

🔸 Sturdy and Speedy: The robust stainless steel blade and tools prioritise quick, effective use without compromising on longevity.

Everyday challenges? Sorted. 🚀 Elevate your daily adventures with the unmatched precision of the FELCO 503 Swiss Knife.


  • Weight: 80g
  • Length: 95.00mm