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FELCO 250-63 Hedge Shears

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🌳 FELCO 250-63: Master the Art of Hedge Trimming 🌿

Unearth a revelation in hedge trimming with the FELCO 250-63 hedge shears. Crafted not just as a tool, but as an extension of your passion, it embodies precision, power, and pure efficiency. Whether you're a seasoned landscaper or a home garden enthusiast, it promises a transformative experience in shaping and maintaining hedges, all while nestling perfectly in your hands.

🌳 Incomparable Features & Remarkable Advantages:

  • Precision-Cut Brilliance: Chrome-plated large blades, bolstered with a serrated section, ensure every cut is clean and swift, even through steel wires and thick branches. 🌲
  • Enduring Excellence: The corrosion-resistant chrome coating safeguards blade longevity, ensuring relentless sharpness. 🔪
  • Masterful Design: Revel in the robustness of I-Beam extruded aluminium handles, offering unmatched resilience without weighing you down. 💪
  • Ergonomic Elegance: A 13° angled cutting head harmoniously aligns with phthalate-free, non-slip grips, making every trim a joy, not a chore. 🤗
  • Soft on Hands, Hard on Hedges: Minimise fatigue with gentle cushioned shock absorbers, letting you shape longer, better. 🌼
  • Sustainable Swiss Excellence: Crafted with precision in Switzerland, using 100% green energy, echo our commitment to quality and the environment. 🍀

When it's about making a statement with your hedges, the FELCO 250-63 stands unparalleled. Shape your dream garden today!


  • Weight: 995g
  • Overall Length: 630.00mm
  • Blade Length: 250mm