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FELCO 160L Pruning Secateurs Large

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🌳 FELCO 160L: The Lightweight Marvel for Mighty Hands 🀲

Step into the realm of exceptional pruning with the FELCO 160L, a pair of secateurs that feels like they were crafted especially for those with larger hands. They masterfully challenge the notion that bigger tools need to be bulky. Lightweight, ergonomic, and laden with features, they turn every snip into an experience of finesse and comfort.

πŸƒ Distinctive Features & Resounding Benefits:

  • Tailored Comfort: Revel in the embrace of ergonomic cushioned grips tailored to fit seamlessly into larger hands. πŸ‘
  • Feathery Elegance: Despite their large design, these secateurs exude grace with their lightweight construction, ensuring effortless pruning. πŸ•ŠοΈ
  • Amplified Leverage: Enjoy increased power and precision in every cut, thanks to a design optimised for mighty hands. πŸ’₯
  • Slick Sap Groove: No more sticky interruptions. The sap groove ensures fluidity and efficiency in each snip. 🍁
  • Swiss Precision: With FELCO's unique heat treatment, expect a cutting edge that's sharp today and for years to come. πŸ”οΈ
  • Intuitive Angled Head: It's not just about the cut, but the comfort of the action, reducing wrist strain and amplifying enjoyment. 🌿
  • Durable & Sustainable: Every part, from blade to screw, is replaceable, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and enduring performance. 🌍
  • Swiss Signature: The vibrant red handles aren't just a nod to our Swiss roots but a beacon to locate your tool amidst the greens. πŸ”΄

Embark on a pruning journey where the FELCO 160L becomes an extension of your hand. Experience the perfection you deserve in every cut!


  • Cutting Diameter: 25.00mm πŸ“
  • Weight: 190g βš–οΈ
  • Length: 220.00mm
  • Perfectly crafted for those with large hands.