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Cucumber Crystal Apple Seeds

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🥒 Cucumber Crystal Apple Seeds: Grow Your Own Crisp Delights! 🍏

Experience the Unique and Crisp Delights of Cucumber Crystal Apple Seeds

Introducing Cucumber Crystal Apple Seeds, a captivating variety that will elevate your garden and salad experiences. Discover the exceptional features and benefits of these seeds and embark on a journey of fresh flavours and vibrant colours.

Unveiling the Crystal Apple Cucumber Immerse yourself in the enchantment of this unusual cucumber variety. Its captivating name originated from its resemblance to both a Granny Smith apple and a Crystal Lemon. As it matures, the pale, greenish-white skin exhibits the allure of a crisp apple, making it a visual delight in your garden. The smooth and creamy fruits are best enjoyed in their youth, adding a bright and scrumptious touch to your salads. Indulge in the unique and refreshing flavours of the Crystal Apple Cucumber.

💡 A Pleasure to Grow Growing your own Crystal Apple Cucumbers is a rewarding experience that brings a sense of joy and accomplishment. Witness the magic of these vines as they thrive under the warmth of the sun. With a minimum temperature of 15°C, sow the seeds in spring and summer, embracing the optimal conditions for their growth. Give them the space they deserve, with plants placed 90 x 90cm apart. In just 7-14 days, the seeds will germinate, and you'll witness their steady growth to a height of 60-70cm. After 70-80 days, it's time to savour the fruits of your labor and harvest the crisp delights of your Crystal Apple Cucumbers.

🌱 Trusted Quality from RAW Cucumber Crystal Apple Seeds come to you as part of the RAW product range, where quality is their utmost priority. Carefully selected and perfectly fresh, these seeds have been tried and tested by the RAW gardeners themselves. With a focus on South African conditions, RAW seeds are sourced, weighed, and packaged at just the right time, ensuring optimal growth and successful cultivation. Embrace the trustworthiness of RAW seeds and witness the magic unfold in your own garden.

🌿 Experience the Delights Elevate your garden and culinary adventures with Cucumber Crystal Apple Seeds. Immerse yourself in the refreshing flavours and captivating colours of these unique cucumbers. Whether enjoyed straight from the vine or added to your favourite salads, the Crystal Apple Cucumbers will tantalise your taste buds and bring a burst of freshness to every dish. Start your growing journey today and experience the true pleasures of homegrown delights!