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Coriander Herb Seeds

R 31.00

🌿 Coriander Herb Seeds: Your Culinary Secret Weapon! 🍴

Cultivate an explosion of flavours with our Coriander Herb Seeds! Also known as Chinese parsley, dhania, or cilantro, this aromatic herb is a culinary must-have, offering a unique dual flavour profile. With every part of the plant being edible, your culinary creativity knows no bounds!

Benefits that tantalise your tastebuds:

  • Versatility Personified 🌐: The distinct flavours of coriander leaves and seeds provide a versatile palette to enhance your cooking. Immerse your dishes in the fresh tones of the leaves or the warm spice of the seeds!

  • A Whole Plant Affair 🌿: From the roots to the flowers, every bit of coriander brings something unique to your table. Savour the difference in stir fries, curry pastes, stews, vinegars, chutneys and pickles.

  • Attract Beneficial Insects 🐞: Coriander flowers act as a magnet for beneficial insects, supporting the balance and health of your garden.

  • Sun-Loving and Quick Growing ☀️: Thriving in full sun during spring, summer and autumn, this herb is ready for harvest in a swift 30-45 days.

  • GMO-Free 🚫: Committed to pure, natural products, we strictly adhere to the GMO Act of South Africa. Your coriander seeds are as nature intended.

Imagine the pleasure of heading into your garden and picking fresh, aromatic coriander for your meals. Feel the satisfaction of serving up dishes bursting with flavours, grown by your own hands. Let your taste buds dance with the joy of fresh, homegrown herbs.

So why wait? Transform your garden, your kitchen, and your meals today with our Coriander Herb Seeds. Elevate your culinary journey with the most versatile herb at your fingertips. Sow, grow, cook and savour!

Seeds per packet: 4g 

Starke Ayres GMO Declaration
* Starke Ayres does not research, produce or procure any form of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) products.
* In South Africa, all our seed is regulated by the Genetically Modified Organisms Act of 1997 (GMO Act) and its subsidiary legislation. The GMO Act places extensive restrictions on the research, production, and marketing of GMOs.
* Maize, soybean, and cotton represent the only crops where genetically modified (GM) forms have been approved for commercial production in South Africa. Where there is potential for cross-contamination, for example with our sweetcorn seed (which could be impacted by nearby GM maize), we do certify our seed as non-GMO in both our internal and external accredited laboratories.