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Chocolate Carolina Reaper Chilli Pepper Grow Kit (Worlds HOTTEST Chilli)

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Chocolate Carolina Reaper Chilli Pepper Grow Kit

The Chocolate Carolina Reaper chilli pepper seeds offer a rare and extremely hot strain of the Carolina Reaper pepper, which is currently the world's hottest pepper according to Guinness World Records. This new strain was developed by crossing the Red Carolina Reaper pepper with the Chocolate Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper. While it is believed to be nearly as spicy as the original Carolina Reaper, the Chocolate Carolina Reaper offers a fruity, sweet, and slightly smoky taste, which is especially popular in meat dishes.

The original Carolina Reaper was created by crossing a Red Habanero with a Ghost Pepper and resembles the 7 Pot Primo Pepper. The Carolina Reaper has a scorpion-like tail and starts off green, ripening to brown, and reaching about 3 - 5cm in total length.

The main difference between the original Carolina Reaper and the Chocolate Carolina Reaper is the flavour. While both are extremely hot, the Chocolate Carolina Reaper offers a unique smoky taste that is absent in the original Carolina Reaper. The Chocolate Carolina Reaper is a new strain that is still in the process of being fully stabilised.

HEAT Warning

We want to remind you that these varieties of SUPER HOT CHILLI PEPPERS are EXTREMELY HOT and should be handled and consumed with extreme caution. Please keep them out of reach of children and pets.

We kindly ask that you do not use these peppers for practical jokes as they are not only seriously hot but can also cause serious harm if ingested improperly. We recommend wearing gloves when handling these peppers and avoiding contact with your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Please start with a very small amount and gradually increase as desired, and be prepared for an intense heat level that can last for a while. These peppers are meant for experienced chilli lovers who are looking for a spicy kick.

Thank you for your attention and please enjoy these super hot chilli peppers responsibly.

What's in the Box:

1 x 20cm Pot
1 x 20cm Saucer
1 x T marker (Marker pen not included)
1 x Akadama Clay pellets
1 x Earthworm compost
1 x Propagation Mix
1 x Vermiculite
1 x Jiffy pellet
1 x Instruction manual
3 x Chilli plant seeds