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Chikamasa T-552 7" Trimming Scissors

R 285.00

Chikamasa T-552 7" Trimming Scissors: Your Harvest's Perfect Partner ✂️

As a gardener, you know the joy of harvest time, but the work involved can be a real pain – literally! That's where the Chikamasa T-552 Trimming Scissors step in, turning tedious trimming into a satisfying snip.


  • Effortless Precision: The ultra-sharp blades and fine tips glide through stems and foliage with ease, giving you the control you need for precise cuts.
  • Open Handles for Unrivalled Comfort: Even with prolonged use, your hands will stay comfy thanks to the generous open handles. Say goodbye to hand cramps and blisters!
  • Lightweight Yet Durable: Made from all-metal construction with plastic-coated handles, these scissors are built to last, season after season.
  • Reduced Hand Strain: The lightly sprung jaws minimise hand fatigue, allowing you to trim for longer without discomfort.
  • Safety First: The jaw-lock band keeps the blades securely closed when not in use, ensuring safe storage and preventing accidental nicks.

Experience the Chikamasa Difference:

  • Confidence: You'll feel empowered to tackle any trimming task with precision and ease.
  • Satisfaction: Enjoy the rewarding feeling of a perfectly manicured garden.
  • Efficiency: Trim faster and more accurately, leaving you more time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Don't settle for subpar scissors that make harvest time a chore. Upgrade to Chikamasa T-552 Trimming Scissors and experience the joy of effortless trimming. Order yours today and watch your garden thrive! 🌿