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Biogrow SeaBrix 500ml

R 85.00

SeaBrix: Unlock the Full Potential of Your Plants 🌿

Experience the transformative power of SeaBrix, the ultimate soil nutrition solution designed to maximise plant health and growth. Our unique formula combines a broad spectrum of essential macro, micro, and trace minerals with plant-natural stimulating hormones, enzymes, and amino acids. Whether you're cultivating fruit, vegetables, lawns, or ornamentals, SeaBrix ensures your plants thrive.

Why Choose SeaBrix?

  • Boosts Plant Health 🌱

    • Packed with kelp, fish hydrolosate, and amino acids.
    • Promotes robust growth and resilience.
  • Enhances Growth 🌻

    • Contains triacontanol, a potent natural growth stimulant.
    • Ensures lush, vibrant plants.

  • Easy Application 🚿

    • Simple dosage: 5-10ml per litre of water.
    • Versatile: use as a foliar spray or soil drench.

Benefits You'll Love

  • Stronger Plants 🌾
    • Feel the satisfaction of seeing your plants thrive with enhanced vigour and vitality.
  • Rich Harvests 🍅
    • Enjoy bountiful yields and stunning blooms that make your garden the envy of the neighbourhood.
  • User-Friendly 🪴
    • Quick and easy application means more time enjoying your garden and less time fussing over it.
  • Peace of Mind 🧘‍♀️
    • Trust in a product that's compatible with most fertilisers and safe for a wide range of crops.

How to Use SeaBrix

  • Foliar Spray: Mix 5ml of SeaBrix with 1 litre of water. Spray weekly, ensuring thorough wetting.
  • Soil Drench: Mix 10ml of SeaBrix with 1 litre of water. Apply monthly around plant roots.
  • For Seeds: Use a 0.5% dilution.
  • For Transplanting: Use a 1% dilution.
  • Irrigation Systems: Suitable for integration.

Important Information

  • Compatibility: Always check physical compatibility in a small test jar.
  • Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children.

Your Garden Deserves SeaBrix

Unlock the full potential of your plants with SeaBrix. Transform your garden into a lush, thriving oasis.