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Biogrow Radivit 1kg

R 135.00

🌿 Turbocharge Your Composting with Biogrow Radivit 1kg – Organic Magic at Your Fingertips! 🌿

Turn your garden waste into an eco-friendly powerhouse with Biogrow Radivit 1kg, an organic composting agent that supercharges the decomposition process for a nutrient-rich compost heap. πŸƒπŸš€

πŸ”¬ All-Natural Composting Blend πŸ”¬

Biogrow Radivit is a remarkable blend that contains all major compost bacteria, along with enzymes and fungus cultures. Admire your thriving garden, thanks to the perfect balance these micro-organisms create in your compost heap! 🌳🌺

πŸ’‘ Turbocharged Decomposition πŸ’‘

Our Radivit comes packed with added nutrients that provide an easily digested nutritional medium for the micro-organisms. Experience the joy of seeing even nutrient-poor materials like autumn leaves and chopped tree cuttings decompose rapidly and optimally! πŸ‚πŸͺ“

🌍 Certified Organic, Environment-Friendly 🌍

Rest assured knowing that your composting is doing no harm to Mother Earth. Biogrow Radivit is certified organic by KIWA, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious gardeners! πŸŒπŸ’š

🎯 Simple Application, Great Results 🎯

Simply sprinkle Radivit lightly between every 30 cm layer of material and let the magic unfold. Be amazed as your compost heap transforms into a nutrient-rich medium that will supercharge the growth of your plants. 🌱✨

Make the environmentally friendly choice and invest in Biogrow Radivit 1kg. Embrace the joy of organic growing and watch your garden flourish like never before! Click 'Add to Cart' to begin your composting journey now!

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