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Biogrow Pyrol 500ml

R 304.00

🍃 Experience Ultimate Plant Protection with Biogrow Pyrol 500ml - Nature's Favourite Insecticide 🐜

Harness the power of Biogrow Pyrol 500ml, a dynamic product that delivers all-season protection to your green sanctuaries. This unique formulation composed of naturally occurring plant oils doesn't just nurture your plants—it's an insecticide from plants for plants.

🎯 Broad-Spectrum Control 🎯

Say goodbye to pesky pests! Biogrow Pyrol offers widespread control of most insect pests, including aphids, beetles, caterpillars, ants, mealy bugs, and more. Witness your plants flourish without the nuisance of unwanted visitors. 🐛🦟

🌳 Safe for All Life Stages 🌳

From eggs to adults, no insect is safe from Biogrow Pyrol. Its potent formula kills all stages of insects upon contact, bringing instant relief to your plants. Experience the thrill of seeing your plants breathe a sigh of relief! 🍃🔬

🌍 Environmentally Friendly 🌍

Champion eco-conscious gardening with Biogrow Pyrol. Its active ingredients—Pyrethrins 0.5% and Canola Oil 89.5%—leave no trace in the environment, making it the perfect choice for the sustainable gardener. Feel good knowing you're making choices that benefit Mother Earth. 🌏💧

🏡 Versatile and Easy to Use 🏡

Biogrow Pyrol seamlessly integrates into your gardening routine, whether you're managing a home garden or a larger scale project. Its adaptable dosage caters to all situations, making plant care as simple as can be. Embrace the convenience of effortless plant protection. 🌱💦

🍃 Certified Organic 🍃

Enhance your garden's health with a product that's certified organic by OMRI. With Biogrow Pyrol, you're not just growing plants—you're growing a healthier, more sustainable future. Experience guilt-free gardening with Biogrow. 🌍💚

Boost your plants' potential with the all-natural defence of Biogrow Pyrol 500ml. Keep your garden protected and thriving—click 'Add to Cart' today!


RSA Registration Act 36 / 1947 L7062
Certified organic by OMRI

10-20ml / 1 L of water (Home & Garden)
1 L – 2 L per 100 L / water, use the lower rate against soft bodied insects. (Bulk Use)
Directions: Ensure thorough wetting on top and underside of leaves. Spray in coolest part of the day. Under high insect infestation apply every 7 days. Under periods of low infestation apply every 14 days. Repeat as necessary.

Bulk Usage Directions