Beaded Feeder

R 99.00

A beautiful beaded feeder, ideally used with Suet Bits. An ideal treat for the wild birds in your garden.
Fill your Feeder with the Suet Bits and place in a shady area or close to the ground near undergrowth to attract Robin Chats, Thrushes and Wagtails.
The Suet Bits are a high-protein energy treat for the wild birds in your garden. Can be used all year round. 

For use with Suet Bits and Mealworm

Made in South Africa.
Endorsed by Birdlife South Africa - giving conservation wings

Please note: Our range of bird feeders and bird boxes are hand-made by local artisans and may vary slightly in size, shape, colour and painted designs. This makes these products truly unique. As a result, the product you receive may vary slightly from the depicted picture.