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Banting 7 Day Meal Plans

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Banting 7 Day Meal Plans

Rita Venter

Banting has moved on since the Real meal Revolution. and wow what a success story It Is … By watching the detail an estimated millions of HG’s have been lost and health has returned to so many. Rita Venter. (founder). Kim Blom and Natalie Lawson are the darlings of Banting 7 Day Meal Plans Facebook group. spreading love and kindness and In so doing turning lives around. They are not scientists, doctors, or nutritionists but decided to take back their health and help others do the same. Through extensive research. personal testing and adapting where necessary, they regained their energy, their bodies and their lives.

  • Budget-friendly banting
  • Ongoing marketing on the group
  • 100 favourite recipes from the 1.7 million group
  • ‘Always’. ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Never’ food lists
  • Budget.Dairy-free. basic and 7-day meal plan Included
  • 10 Steps ‘Let’s Do This’ Guide
  • Simple, easy-to-prepare, budget-friendly recipes
  • Success testimonials from the community
  • Proven diet & health benefits: no hunger or cravings, more energy, weight loss when nothing else has worked, Increased self-confidence and belief In the self, improvements In insulin ­resistance & diabetes-related Issues, heart disease, obesity, Inflammatory diseases


About the Author

Rita Venter is married to Cobus, a type-1 diabetic who has benefited greatly from the Banting lifestyle, enabling him to reduce his insulin intake. They live in Cape Town, have four adult children and five grandchildren. Rita founded the group and was later joined by Kim and Natalie, and then several other dedicated volunteers who assist the 2.3 million members in their Banting journeys.