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African Daisy Mixed Colours Flower Seeds

R 31.00

🌼Illuminate Your Garden with Our African Daisy Mixed Colours Flower Seeds!🌼

Prepare to be enchanted by the dazzling allure of our African Daisy Mixed Colours Flower Seeds. These gems will make your garden burst with vivid colours, effortlessly transforming it into a paradise for the senses.

Here's why these seeds are the perfect choice for your garden:

  • Easy to Grow: Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner, our seeds are perfect for you! They flourish in full sun and are flexible enough to be grown in the ground or in containers. 🌞🌱
  • Colour Pop: Imagine an explosion of colours decorating your outdoors. From bright oranges to deep purples, our mixed daisy seeds are all about creating vibrant landscapes. 🎨🏵️
  • Water-wise and Indigenous: Cultivate these water-conserving plants with the peace of mind that they harmonise with their environment and support local ecosystems. 🌍💧
  • Promotes Flowering: Feel the satisfaction of nurturing a garden that's constantly in bloom. Just remember to deadhead spent blooms, and your daisies will keep rewarding you with fresh, lively flowers. 🌸🌼

Visualise the sun casting rays on your vibrant African daisies, transforming your garden into a radiant spectacle. Enjoy the serenity they bring to your outdoor space, the compliments from your visitors, and the joy of cultivating beauty.

Why wait for this colourful transformation? Embark on your gardening journey with our African Daisy Mixed Colours Flower Seeds today!

* Germination: 5 to 10 days
* Weeks to flowering: 12 weeks
* Sowing depth: 5mm
* Ideal conditions: Full sun in autumn and winter
* Plant height: 30cm

Seeds per packet: 1g