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20m Extension Cord (Two Prong Insert)

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20m Extension Cord (Two Prong Insert): Power Your Appliances with Convenience and Safety! ⚡️🔌


  • Generous 20m length for extended reach
  • Sturdy construction with a two-prong insert
  • Suitable for appliances rated up to 2500 Watts
  • Maximum 10A current capacity for reliable performance
  • 1.0mm2 wire thickness for durability and efficient power transmission
  • 250V AC voltage compatibility for versatile use
  • Code: E451


  • Enjoy the freedom to connect your appliances from a distance with the 20m length
  • Safely power your devices with the sturdy two-prong insert
  • Accommodate a wide range of appliances with the 2500W rating
  • Ensure reliable and consistent performance with the maximum 10A capacity
  • Experience long-lasting usage with the durable 1.0mm2 wire thickness
  • Compatible with various power sources at 250V AC voltage

Feel the Difference:

  • Feel empowered and in control with the extended reach and flexibility
  • Experience peace of mind knowing your appliances are safely connected
  • Eliminate the hassle of constantly moving your devices closer to power outlets
  • Enjoy a clutter-free environment with the extended length
  • Simplify your life with a reliable and efficient extension cord

Easy to Use:

  • Simply plug in your appliances to the two-prong insert
  • Connect the extension cord to a power source
  • Enjoy the convenience of extended reach and power supply

Upgrade your power setup and bring convenience and safety to your appliances with the 20m Extension Cord (Two Prong Insert)!

Get Your 20m Extension Cord Now and Power Your Appliances with Ease and Confidence! ⚡️🔌