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Wholesale & Professional

Wholesale and Professional Purchasing

At GARDENING.co.za, we cater to a diverse range of professional customers within the gardening, agricultural & horticultural industry, including but not limited to nurseries, floral farms, wine farms, small-scale farmers, garden services, landscapers, hotels & resorts, as well as country clubs, body corporates & housing estates.

If you are fall within this scope, we have tailored solutions to meet your needs.

Wholesale & Professional Outline

Application Process:

Wholesale and professional purchasing is available to registered South African businesses that fall within the gardening & agricultural sector.

Please email garden@gardening.co.za to request an application form.

Processing and Approval:

Applications take 2-3 working days to be processed and approved.

Once approved, you can log in to the back end of our site using your username and password to access wholesale pricing.

Purchase directly via the website and pay online.

Automated company invoices with VAT numbers will be sent after purchases are completed.

All orders will be dispatched from our warehouse and delivered to you.

How the Discount System Works:

All approved wholesale customers start with a 10% discount.

Upon reaching an annual turnover of R150 000, your discount structure moves to 15% for all further purchases.

Upon reaching an annual turnover of R500 000, your discount structure moves to 20% for all further purchases.

Once these thresholds are met within the financial year, you move up to the higher discount tier.

Select items within our range as well as clearance items are not subject to wholesale discounts.