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Margaret Roberts - The Doyenne of herbs and our local gardening heroine

Margaret Roberts - The Doyenne of herbs and our local gardening heroine

Margaret Roberts - The Doyenne of herbs and our local gardening heroine

Did you know Margaret Roberts has 3 species of plants named after her and authored over 40 books making her one of our most inspirational gardeners.

Margaret Joan Roberts started bringing herbs into South Africa well over 60 years ago and over the years her name became synonymous with South African gardening.

The Laureate award winner developed her herbal centre near Hartbeespoort dam into one of the top 10 gardens in all of South Africa and this is where she gave her lectures about herbs & healthy living and her motto was to "Educate and Inspire". Over the years she cross cultivated and developed one of the only edible varieties of Lavender as it does not contain camphersites. As such the "Margaret Roberts Lavender" is extremely popular in South African nurseries. She once said in a televised interview "My lavender goes particularly well with a Pumpkin soup".

The Margaret Roberts Lavender flowers all year round anywhere in South Africa and is quite apt in handling the harshest Highveld winters, so we highly recommend you enquire about this on your next trip to your local nursery.
Over the years Margaret lent her name to a variety of product ranges from toiletries, to seeds, to books and she was especially well known for her sustainable organic farming techniques and her range of eco friendly pest controls.

Margaret had a never ending love of organic gardening & herbs and spent the majority of her life exploring natural healing methods, natural insecticides, and taught local uses of South Africa plants. Her legacy lives on in her Herbal centre and through her range of books and products.  

The Ginger Rosemary, High Hopes Basil and Margaret Roberts Rose have all been named after her and are all available in top nurseries from around South Africa.

We are very proud to stock the Margaret Roberts range as well as some of her best selling books and continue to be inspired by what she created in her time with us.

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