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Urbalive Berberis 80cm

R 632.00

Urbalive Berberis: Your Secret to a Thriving Urban Oasis 🌱

Wave goodbye to wilting plants and hello to a lush urban garden – even if you're a gardening newbie or always on the go! The Urbalive Berberis Self-Watering Planter is your green thumb's best friend.

Imagine vibrant flowers, fragrant herbs, or even your own homegrown veggies thriving on your balcony, windowsill, or patio. With the Berberis's ingenious self-watering system, you're not just a plant parent; you're a plant whisperer. 😉

Clever Features, Beautiful Benefits:

  • Self-Watering Genius: The Berberis lets your plants decide when it's thirst-quenching time, thanks to a unique wick system. No more soggy roots or parched petals! 💧
  • Water Level Whisperer: A handy indicator tells you exactly when it's time for a top-up, so you can relax and let the Berberis work its magic.
  • City-Chic Design: Sleek, modern, and UV-resistant – the Berberis is as stylish as it is functional. Perfect for any indoor or outdoor space. ✨
  • Perfect For All Plant Lovers: Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, the Berberis makes growing a breeze. 🌿

Benefits That Bloom:

  • Thriving Plants, Happy You: Enjoy the satisfaction of lush, healthy plants without the stress of daily watering. 😊
  • Greenify Your Space: Transform your urban jungle into a botanical paradise, no matter how small your outdoor area. 🌳
  • Easy-Peasy Gardening: Simply fill the reservoir, plant your favourites, and let the Berberis take care of the rest.
  • Gift of Greenery: The Berberis is the perfect present for plant-loving friends (or yourself!). 🎁

Ready to ditch the watering can and watch your urban oasis flourish? Grab your Urbalive Berberis Self-Watering Planter today and experience the joy of effortless gardening.

Add to basket and let your plants say "cheers!" 🥂

* Substrate quantity: 15-litre
* Water capacity: 5-litre
* Height: 19.7cm
* Width: 39.5cm
* Depth: 19.5cm
* Weight: 1.27kg