Soil, Plant And Compost Health Booster

R 100.00

Earth Probiotic's concentrated, all natural compost activator and soil and plant health nutrient booster.

  • Accelerates decomposition of organic matter by up to 50%
  • Increases beneficial microbial population in soil and compost heaps by 100%
  • Reduces foul odours and pests in compost heaps
  • 500ml will treat approximately 5.5m3 of compost
  • Improves soil fertility and suppresses pathogenic organisms
  • Improves soil aeration, water retention and nutrient uptake


Use dechlorinated water for all dilutions.

Compost Treatment:

Dilute 1:100 and spray between layers when initially building a compost heap. Spray again when heap is turned. Moisture should not exceed 40%. May cause high temperatures in aerobic piles. Soil Treatment: Water-in once a month at a dilution rate of 1:500.

Seed Treatment:

Soak seeds 24 hours before planting in 1:1000 dilution.


Water-in transplants with 1:500 dilution. Foliar Treatment: Spray 1:500 dilution every 6 weeks.