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Soil, Plant And Compost Health Booster

R 120.00

🌿 Soil, Plant And Compost Health Booster - Unlock the Power of Nature! 🌱


  • Concentrated, all-natural compost activator and nutrient booster
  • Accelerates decomposition of organic matter by up to 50%
  • Increases beneficial microbial population by 100%
  • Reduces foul odours and pests in compost heaps
  • Improves soil fertility, aeration, water retention, and nutrient uptake


  • Supercharges composting, saving you time and effort
  • Enhances soil health, promoting robust plant growth
  • Suppresses harmful organisms, creating a thriving environment for plants
  • Reduces odours and pests, creating a pleasant gardening experience
  • Easy to use, with precise dilution instructions for various applications

Feel the Difference: Revitalize your garden with Earth Probiotic's Soil, Plant, and Compost Health Booster! Experience the joy of nutrient-rich soil, vibrant plants, and flourishing compost heaps. Our powerful formula accelerates the decomposition of organic matter, unlocking the full potential of your garden. Say goodbye to foul odours and hello to a healthy ecosystem that nurtures your plants from root to leaf. With increased microbial activity, improved soil structure, and optimal nutrient uptake, you'll feel a sense of pride as your garden thrives. Harness the power of nature and unleash your garden's true potential!

🌱 Embrace the natural way to gardening success! 🌿


Use dechlorinated water for all dilutions.

Compost Treatment:

Dilute 1:100 and spray between layers when initially building a compost heap. Spray again when heap is turned. Moisture should not exceed 40%. May cause high temperatures in aerobic piles. Soil Treatment: Water-in once a month at a dilution rate of 1:500.

Seed Treatment:

Soak seeds 24 hours before planting in 1:1000 dilution.


Water-in transplants with 1:500 dilution. Foliar Treatment: Spray 1:500 dilution every 6 weeks.