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Sifra Seed Potatoes, 50 per bag

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Introducing the Exceptional Sifra Seed Potatoes: Your Culinary Delight Awaits 🥔

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Discover the delight of homegrown flavour with our Sifra Seed Potatoes, a high-yield, multi-purpose variety perfect for any kitchen adventure. From crispy chips to creamy stews, these Seed Potatoes are a must-have for any garden or kitchen.

✨ Key Features & Outstanding Benefits ✨

  • Versatile Cooking Partner: Waxy and floury with high moisture and low starch content, Sifra potatoes are your go-to option for boiling, roasting, salads, and even mouthwatering crispy chips.

  • Exceptional Flavour: 🎉 The distinct creamy taste will turn your ordinary meals into extraordinary culinary delights.

  • Highly Productive & Adaptable: Sifra's wide adaptability and robust growth ensure high marketable yields in both Northern and Southern regions.

  • Tantalising Texture: Medium-late maturing, with bright white, smooth skin and uniform size – a visually and gastronomically appealing addition to your plate.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Thrive on low nitrogen requirement, making them easy to grow and eco-friendly.

The Perfect Potato for You 🥇

🌱 Plant and Tubers:

  • Maturity: Late
  • Tuber shape: Round oval
  • Flesh Colour: Cream
  • Tuber size: Large
  • Skin colour: Light Yellow

🌿 Foliage:

  • High and robust: Covers ground with tall, erect stems.
  • Low Nitrogen Requirement: Avoid excessive fertilisation for best results.

🛡️ Disease Resistance:

  • Resistant to Golden Nematodes
  • Immune to Wart disease
  • Slightly susceptible to Late Blight and common scab

✅ Additional Features:

  • Very attractive bright skin
  • Broad adaptation
  • Early tuberisation

Origin & Breeding

Sifra, the product of years of innovation, originated from the Netherlands, known for its exceptional taste, quality, and adaptability. Its rich history and extensive trials ensure that you are planting the very best in your garden.