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Rumba Seed Potatoes, 50 per bag

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🥔 Unearth the RUMBA Magic: Your Ultimate Seed Potato! 🥔

Dive deep into the world of spuds with our high-yielding RUMBA Seed Potato. Tailored especially for your culinary delights and agricultural aspirations, let's embark on a RUMBA journey together!

🌟 Standout Features:

  • Versatile Use: Whether you're craving crunchy French fries, crispy chips, or simply a wholesome baked potato, RUMBA has got you covered.
  • Optimum Quality: Low sugar content means healthier potatoes and deliciously consistent taste.
  • Industry Favourite: Renowned in the chips industry, thanks to its outstandingly high dry matter content.
  • Arid-Climate Champion: RUMBA thrives where many can't. This hardy variety embraces the challenge of drier climates with zest.

🍃 Deep Dive into RUMBA's Unique Traits:

  • Majestic Lightsprout: Medium-sized, ovoid, with a powerful anthocyanin colouration at its base – setting it apart from its peers.
  • Plant Personality: Flaunting a leaf type foliage structure, its elegance lies in the closed foliage with barely visible stems.
  • Colour Spectrum: Marvel at the tubers' medium yellow flesh, cushioned by light beige skin that hints at a yellow base near the eyes.
  • Ancestral Excellence: Born from a cross between 'Bolesta' and 'Mira' in the serene landscapes of Böhlendorf, Germany.

Comparison to 'Omega':
RUMBA stands tall, quite literally, with a taller plant stature than 'Omega'. While 'Omega' may sport medium anthocyanin presence in some parts, RUMBA’s tubers are distinctively oval, contrasting 'Omega's short oval.

🔍 Did You Know?
The rich history of 'RUMBA' comes from a meticulous cross made in 1995, with selection criteria rooted deeply in superior agronomic traits. The 2012 trials in Drummond, New Brunswick showcased RUMBA's prowess, setting new benchmarks in potato cultivation.

🔥 Ready to Elevate Your Potato Game?
Don't just read about the magic, experience it! Whether you're a budding gardener or a seasoned farmer, let RUMBA redefine your potato journey. Dive in, plant RUMBA, and watch wonders sprout from the soil!