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RAM 180mm Oscillating Clip Tent / Seedling Fan

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Experience Superior Airflow with the RAM 180mm Oscillating Clip Tent/Seedling Fan

Elevate your indoor gardening setup with the RAM 180mm Oscillating Clip Tent/Seedling Fan. Designed to create optimal air circulation within your grow tent or cupboard, this fan mimics a gentle outdoor breeze, strengthening plant stems and supporting the weight of abundant flowers and fruit. Ideal for both grow tents and seedling propagators, this fan is a must-have for any dedicated gardener.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Efficient Air Circulation 🌬️

    • Creates a gentle breeze, similar to natural outdoor air movement.
    • Strengthens plant stems, enabling them to support heavier yields.

  • Versatile and Easy to Use 🔄

    • Clips easily onto desks, walls, or grow tent poles.
    • Multiple clip styles for versatile placement.
    • Perfect for use in grow tents and seedling propagators.

  • Customisable Airflow 🌟

    • Two speed settings to suit your plants' needs.
    • 90° oscillation ensures even air distribution.
    • Adjustable operating angle for targeted airflow.

  • Quiet and Powerful 🔋

    • Ultra-quiet operation, ensuring minimal disturbance.
    • Strong, spring-loaded clip for secure attachment.
    • Power: 20W

  • Compact and Effective Design 🛠️

    • Grill Diameter: 220mm
    • Fan Blade Diameter: 180mm/7"

How It Benefits You

Imagine the satisfaction of seeing your plants thrive in an environment that mimics natural conditions. The RAM 180mm Oscillating Clip Tent/Seedling Fan ensures your plants receive the gentle breeze they need to develop strong, sturdy stems. You'll feel confident and proud as your plants grow healthier and more robust, capable of supporting bountiful flowers and fruit.

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Optimise your indoor gardening experience with the RAM 180mm Oscillating Clip Tent/Seedling Fan. Ensure your plants get the best possible air circulation and grow strong and healthy. Order now and take the first step towards a more productive grow room!