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Radish Watermelon Seeds

R 44.00

🍉 Radish Watermelon Seeds: Unearth A Garden Gem 🌱

Uncover a world of beauty with our Radish Watermelon Seeds. Bursting with a blend of striking colours and delightful flavours, this heirloom treasure from China is the key to transforming your garden and palate. Experience the joy of growing your own food with these simple to sow seeds.

A Visual Feast Awaits 🌈

With these radish seeds, you're not just planting a veggie, you're cultivating a visual masterpiece. Featuring stunning bright pink circles that darken to a deep magenta, encased in a snow-white flesh, these radishes are as pretty as a picture. Imagine the excitement of uncovering these vibrant gems hidden beneath your garden soil.

Unleash Fresh, Almond-Sweet Flavours 🍽️

The Watermelon Radish isn't just a treat for the eyes, it's also a feast for the taste buds. Offering a uniquely mild flavour with hints of sweet almond, it's a versatile addition to any dish. Enjoy them raw, finely sliced in salads to showcase their radiant colour, or cook to enhance their natural sweetness and mild spice.

RAW Quality Assurance 🥇

Proudly part of the Kirchhoffs family, RAW guarantees an uncompromising commitment to quality. Our seeds are:

  • Perfectly Fresh: Carefully selected and packaged at just the right time
  • Tried and Tested: Proven performance in South African conditions
  • Diverse: Traditional heirlooms and unique varieties sourced for best taste and look.

Easy and Rewarding to Grow 🌿

  • Sow these seeds year-round in full sun
  • Seeds will germinate in just 3-10 days
  • Space plants 7cm apart
  • Harvest your radishes in just 30-40 days

Growing something is rewarding. Eating it is even better...

Join the Garden Revolution Now!

Isn't it time to experience the thrill of sowing these beautiful seeds in your garden? 🏡 Get your hands dirty with our Radish Watermelon Seeds and unearth a garden gem. Order now and let your garden sparkle! ✨

* Sow year-round
* Sow in full sun, space plants 7cm apart
* Seeds will germinate in 3-10 days and spread to 8cm
* Harvest in 30-40 days

RAW is the newest addition to the Kirchhoffs family. RAW products are carefully selected for their quality, and they always ensure the seeds are perfectly fresh.
All varietals are tried and tested by the RAW gardeners. The seeds are weighed and packaged at just the right time.

They have sourced traditional heirlooms, as well as unique varieties, that look good and taste even better.
RAW seeds are tried and tested for South African conditions

Growing something is rewarding. Eating it is even better...