Pruning Promo - GARDENA Telescopic Lopper + FREE Home Gardener Pruning Book

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Just in time for all your pruning...
Buy a GARDENA Telescopic Lopper 650BT and get  a FREE "Home Gardener Pruning Book" 

The Telescopic Loppers for greater reach and a clean cut
The GARDENA Comfort Telescopic Lopper 650BT is characterized by the particularly easy and clean cut. The curved blades on these bypass Pruning Loppers, which glide past the counter blade during cutting, cut highly precisely and are gentle on trees and shrubs. These Telescopic Loppers, which require little force to use, are ideal for cutting fresh wood of up to 42 mm in diameter. Due to the extended range, higher branches can easily be reached: The Comfort Telescopic Pruning Loppers 650BT with the extendable, sturdy aluminium telescopic arms adjustable from 650 to 900 mm can reach everything. The long leverage and the lightweight material mean that less force is required when cutting. The special blade shape holds the cut materials in an optimal cutting area and allows a precise cut. The Comfort Telescopic Lopper 650BT is made from the most modern materials. The precision-ground, non-stick coated blades, which are easy to clean and have good sliding characteristics, cut branches cleanly. Relieving strain: The large, one-sided buffers are gentle on the wrists. The ergonomically shaped handles with soft components for improved grip as well as the two-finger support permit a secure grip without the risk of slipping. GARDENA provides a warranty of 25 years on these Pruning Loppers.

* Cutting branches with precision – high above your head
These Telescopic Pruning Loppers can be extended by 25 cm, allowing even branches further up the tree to be reached and cut with precision.

* Comfort and safety
The sturdy lever arms and the ergonomically shaped handles with non-slip end stops and special forefinger support guarantee easy handling and safe work.

* Gentle on the wrists
The new absorber stop buffer system with the large, one-sided buffer is gentle on your wrists.

* Easy cutting- at a distance
The special blade shape holds the cut materials in an optimal cutting area, allowing an easy and precise cut thanks to state-of-the-art materials and precision-ground, non-stick coated blades.

* Maximum cutting diameter: 42 mm
* Cutting type: Bypass
* Blade: Precision-ground

The Home Gardener Series: Pruning
David Squire / Allan Haschick, South African Consultant

All kinds of garden plants – shrubs, climbers, roses, hedges and trees – need pruning to improve their shape and condition, and to encourage more flowers and fruits.
Whether you are starting a new garden, maintaining established plants or renovating a neglected garden, this essential guide to pruning will come to your assistance time and again.