Plant Food Fertiliser

R 99.00

Plant Food 3:1:6[46] is a specially formulated, concentrated and balanced general fertiliser suitable for pot plants, roses, ornamental shrubs, vegetables and fruit trees.

Uses and Benefits
Plant Food 3:1:6[46] contains all the major nutrients essential for healthy root, plant and flower development, and is extremely versatile and easy to apply, as a foliar feed or directly to the roots as a soil drench; and is completely water soluble and is readily absorbed by the plant.

Method of Application
Use the enclosed measuring cup for accurate and economical mixing.
Foliar Spray:
* Dissolve 20g (2 measuring cups) in 5 litres of water
* Spray with a fine spray until leaves are wet
* Repeat every two weeks.

Soil Drench:
* Dissolve 5g (½ measuring cup) in 5 litres of water
* Apply directly to the soil
* Repeat every one to two weeks.

Nitrogen [N] - 14.6%
Phosphorous [P] - 4.5%
Potassium [K] - 27.4%
Magnesium [Mg] - 2.9%
Plus : Iron, Manganese, Boron, Zinc, Copper and Molybdenum.