Pea Greenfeast Seeds

R 27.50

Tender and sweet, straight out of the pod. These peas are wonderful to grow and are tastier than any store-bought peas.
Peas are climbers and require a good trellis or support for growing. Harvesting mature peas will encourage more growth. And it's a good tip to eat peas as soon as possible after harvesting as they loose their sweetness if left too long after picking.

Good companions are radishes, nasturtiums, aromatic herbs, lettuces and beans.

Bush plant with 6-8 tender and tasty peas in a pod.
* Germination: 7 to 10 days
* Maturity: 120 days
* Sowing depth: 3cm
* Ideal conditions: Full sun in autumn and winter

Starke Ayres GMO Declaration
* Starke Ayres does not research, produce or procure any form of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) products.
* In South Africa, all our seed is regulated by the Genetically Modified Organisms Act of 1997 (GMO Act) and its subsidiary legislation. The GMO Act places extensive restrictions on the research, production, and marketing of GMOs.
* Maize, soybean, and cotton represent the only crops where genetically modified (GM) forms have been approved for commercial production in South Africa. Where there is potential for cross-contamination, for example with our sweetcorn seed (which could be impacted by nearby GM maize), we do certify our seed as non-GMO in both our internal and external accredited laboratories.