OINK! The Perfect Pork Cookbook

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OINK! The Perfect Pork Cookbook

Billy Forssman

It’s about bacon sizzling in the pan for breakfast, epic Sunday roasts, potjies and braais. It’s about great, easy-to-follow recipes with the most versatile meat product in the world as the hero.

Not only is it the most versatile, but it’s also one of the leanest, healthiest meat proteins and – very important in our current economic climate – offers the best value for money. Our aim with this book is to inspire you.

Including local food celebrities such as Mogau Seshoene, Reuben Riffel and Richard Bosman.

This book is a celebration of pork’s wide range of flavours and textures; of the influences and age-old culinary traditions from China and Italy to Spain, Portugal and America.

  • Celebrating pork
  • Includes a flavour wheel that allows you to find a cuisine of your fancy, be it Asian or Italian etc, swap out the spices, herbs and condiments and, voila, you’ve created your own unique dish.
  • Celebrity chefs contribute their favourite recipes and anecdotes
  • Everyone loves bacon + crackling
  • A budget-friendly and healthy protein
  • Simple, easy-to-prepare meals
  • Light, fun & informative

About the Author

When not cooking, eating, drinking and spending an inordinate amount of time doing the aforementioned with family and friends Billy can be found voraciously consuming books in the vein of a literary Mr. Creosote. Previous lives have included law student, ski bum, building contractor, property developer, small-batch wine producer (strictly for own consumption), traveller, vagabond, microlight pilot, mediocre poker player and general all-round enthusiast of life. Constantly on the lookout for new ideas, flavours, food and experiences Billy now finds himself residing in Stellenbosch slowing working through the plethora of wine farms from Avontuur to Zorgvliet, while at the same time trying to convince his two teenage children that there is more to life than what’s on a small screen.