Nutrisol Fertiliser

R 85.00

Nutrisol is a liquid formulation of macro nutrients for healthy plant growth of all indoor and outdoor plants.

Uses and Benefits
Nutrisol is easy to apply, as a foliar feed or directly to the roots as a soil drench.
* is water-soluble and readily absorbed by the plant;
* can be applied simultaneously with most insecticidal sprays, excluding Lime Sulphur and Bordeaux Mixture.

Method of Application
Foliar Spray:
* Dilute 10ml of NUTRISOL in 5 litres of water.
* Spray over foliage well.
* Repeat every two weeks.
Soil Drench:
* Dilute 20ml of NUTRISOL in 5 litre of water.
* Repeat every two weeks.

Nitrogen - 11%
Phosphorous - 7.3%
Potassium - 3.7%