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Jiffy 7C Pellets

R 1.40
Pellet Size (When Hydrated)

Revolutionise Your Growing Experience with Jiffy 7C Pellets 🌱

Discover the ultimate solution for seed and cutting propagation with Jiffy 7C Pellets. These innovative pellets, crafted from RHP-certified coco peat, provide a seamless blend of media and container, ensuring optimal growth conditions for your plants. Whether you're a professional grower or an enthusiastic hobbyist, Jiffy 7C Pellets will transform your gardening routine.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ease of Transport and Deployment 🚚

    • Compressed nature ensures easy and cost-effective transportation.
    • Perfect for remote locations and challenging environments.

  • Enhanced Growth and Germination 🌱

    • High-quality coco peat promotes improved germination rates and faster growth.
    • Added fertiliser supports seedlings and cuttings during early stages.

  • Versatile Applications 🌍

    • Ideal for a wide range of crops, from forestry to hydroponic systems.
    • Suitable for various tray systems or can be used without trays.

  • Environmentally Friendly 🌿

    • Biodegradable netting eliminates the need for plastic, reducing environmental impact.
    • Coco peat retains moisture, reducing water usage and promoting sustainable gardening.

  • Minimal Transplant Shock 🪴

    • Plant directly into the soil or growing system, allowing roots to develop naturally.
    • Soft, airy growing medium ensures easy seeding and planting with minimal root disturbance.

How to Use Jiffy 7C Pellets

  1. Hydrate Pellets: Place in water-filled containers or use overhead spraying.
  2. Plant Seeds or Cuttings: Insert directly into hydrated pellets at the appropriate depth.
  3. Watering: Adjust based on crop and environmental needs, with coco peat requiring less water but more frequent applications.
  4. Fertilisation: No need to fertilise for the first week; then, use suitable fertilisers as required.
  5. Transplant: Grow seedlings/cuttings to planting size and plant the entire pellet into the soil or growing system.

Transform Your Growing Process Today!

Join the ranks of professional growers, nursery workers, and foresters who trust Jiffy 7C Pellets for their propagation needs. Experience the benefits of improved germination, faster growth, and minimal environmental impact.

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