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Indigenous Garden Mix Flower Seeds

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🌼 Indigenous Garden Mix Flower Seeds: Colourful Beauty for Your Garden! 🌸

Create a vibrant and eco-friendly garden with our Indigenous Garden Mix Flower Seeds. This specially curated seed selection offers a variety of easy-to-grow indigenous flowers that will transform your sunny areas into a breathtaking display of colour. Let's explore the benefits of these flower seeds:

🌺 A Burst of Colourful Beauty Experience the joy of a vibrant garden as our Indigenous Garden Mix Flower Seeds bloom into a dazzling array of colours. Each variety has been carefully chosen to provide a stunning and harmonious display that will uplift your spirits and create a welcoming atmosphere.

🐦 Invite Nature's Finest Visitors By growing indigenous flowers, you'll attract a diverse range of birds and pollinators to your garden. Witness the beauty of native birds fluttering around, and enjoy the delightful hum of bees and butterflies as they gather nectar from these blossoms. Feel the connection to nature as you provide a haven for these essential creatures.

🌿 Preserving Our Natural Habitat When you sow our Indigenous Garden Mix Flower Seeds, you play a vital role in preserving our natural habitat and heritage. By growing indigenous plants, you contribute to the conservation of local flora and the delicate balance of our ecosystems. Feel a sense of pride and fulfilment as you actively participate in protecting our environment.

Product Details:

  • Germination: 14 to 21 days
  • Weeks to flowering: 8 to 12 weeks
  • Sowing depth: 1cm
  • Ideal conditions: Full sun in spring and summer
  • Plant height: 15 to 30cm

Starke Ayres GMO Declaration At Starke Ayres, we prioritise your well-being and the environment. We want you to feel confident in our products, which is why we declare our commitment to non-GMO seeds. Our stringent quality control processes ensure that our seed is free from genetically modified organisms. You can trust in our dedication to providing you with safe and sustainable options for your garden.

🌿 Let your garden bloom with the beauty of Indigenous Garden Mix Flower Seeds. Experience the joy of vibrant colours, the buzz of pollinators, and the satisfaction of contributing to the preservation of our natural world. Embrace nature's gifts and create a haven of biodiversity in your own backyard.

Starke Ayres GMO Declaration
* Starke Ayres does not research, produce or procure any form of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) products.
* In South Africa, all our seed is regulated by the Genetically Modified Organisms Act of 1997 (GMO Act) and its subsidiary legislation. The GMO Act places extensive restrictions on the research, production, and marketing of GMOs.
* Maize, soybean, and cotton represent the only crops where genetically modified (GM) forms have been approved for commercial production in South Africa. Where there is potential for cross-contamination, for example with our sweetcorn seed (which could be impacted by nearby GM maize), we do certify our seed as non-GMO in both our internal and external accredited laboratories.