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The most versatile wheelbarrow on the market.

The revolutionary space-saving, collapsible barrow is perfect for any home. Easy ground-level loading with a unique swivel wheel for nimble steering.
For easier lifting, the weight of the barrow’s load is concentrated over the wheel.

* Ergonomically designed
Weight is put closer to the wheel for easier lifting.

* Ground-level loading, so you can roll, push or rake straight into the tray.

* No more hot handles
Grips on the powder-coated metal frame make it comfortable on your hands.

* Low center of gravity resulting in less “tippiness”

* Empty with very little effort...
Over the front, out the side or pour off the back, whatever style you prefer.

* Useful dry pocket
Ideal for your phone, keys, wallet or passport – whatever you need it for.

Strong to help with any task yet practical to make it easy to use. Why struggle with a bulky and heavy old-school block of steel when you can use a HomeBarrow.

Wheel diameter: 26cm
Length: 144cm
Width: 60cm
Height: 44cm
Weight: 7.5 Kg
Carrying Capacity: 80Kg
3-month manufactures warranty

* ​Take Corners with Ease
With a unique swivel wheel steering mechanism, you will be taking corners with ease. No more forward, reverse, forward, reverse, forward. It’s a game-changer, making moving around the garden and navigating tight spaces way more manageable. Oh and the wheel is completely puncture-proof!

​* ​No more bulky storage.
This sleek design offers a flatpack storage opportunity, so you can actually get your car into the garage. Easy to hang design will get it out the way, until you need it.

* ​Easy to assemble
Only 2 nuts and bolts to attach the wheel and then slide & push it together.

* ​Light to carry
Less than 8kg in weight. No more heavy cumbersome metal wheelbarrows. Large carrying capacity with increased volume at the wheel makes lifting and transporting a cinch. If you can’t pick it up with one hand we will buy you a gym session.