GARDENA Textile Hose Liano™ 15 m Set

R 1,169.00
Agile and robust hose with high-quality textile fabric
The GARDENA Textile Hose Liano™, made from highly-durable fabric, is particularly convenient to handle and exceptionally agile. The hose is able to cope with maximum strain in the garden and is pressure-resistant up to 35 bar. Its low weight makes storage particularly easy. Also suitable for Hose Trolleys and Reels.
The set comes complete with a Threaded Tap Connector suitable for three different thread sizes, Hose Connector, Water Stop and Watering Sprayer.

Particularly agile
The hose consists of an inner hose coated with a strong textile fabric. This can be manoeuvred easily in the garden or around corners without kinking or twisting.

Easy storage
The lightweight textile hose can be particularly easily stored due to its low weight and its flexibility – even on Hose Trolleys or Reels.

Guaranteed durability
Even if the hose is dragged over the terrace or comes into contact with thorny rose bushes, it won’t be damaged. In addition, with a burst pressure of 35 bar, it is able to cope with all water pressures.

A secure connection to the Original GARDENA System
The special shape of the clamping nut ensures a sturdy connection between the Original GARDENA System parts and the hose.

UV-resistant and frost-proof
Innovative UV and frost-resistance for a long lifetime.

The 30-year warranty ensures high quality
* For detailed warranty conditions, please refer to the enclosed operating manual or online at This warranty does not affect your legal warranty claims.

Technical Specifications
Article No.18430-20
EAN-Code: 4078500044219

* Burst Pressure: 35 bar
* Hose length: 15 m
* Hose diameter: 13 mm
* Warranty: 30 years

In the Set:
* Threaded Tap Connector suitable for three different thread sizes
* Hose Connector
* Water Stop
* Watering Sprayer