GARDENA Pressure Sprayer 5-litre Comfort with Margaret Roberts Organic Insecticide

R 859.00

​The perfect combo to keep your garden beautiful and pest-free, the organic way.​

Margaret Roberts Organic Insecticide, 200ml

Low impact on bigger bodied beneficial insects and natural predators. Harmless to fish, birds, wild life, pets, micro organisms and humans. Never allow oil formulations to form a layer over water surfaces. No harmful toxic residues for prolonged periods. No secondary poisoning. Formulations can be phytotoxic to sensitive plant varieties at highest dosage rates. Short persistency in the environment.

USAGE: Insects: Aphids, red spider mite, white fly, mealy bug, scale, Australian bug

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Canola oil: 478.0 g/ℓ. Garlic extract from Allium sativa: 478.0 g/ℓ

PESTS AND/OR DISEASES: Aphids, Red Spider, White fly

ACTION: Canola kills targeted small bodied insects on contact by means of suffocation. Garlic keeps insects away from plants.

CROPS: Herbs, vegetables, fruit, salads, roses, ornamentals, bulbs

Handle with care. Can cause skin or eye irritations. Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and animals.

Harvesting of edible crops within 24 hours.

Do not inhale spray mist. Avoid contact with eyes. If skin or eye contact occurs flush with clean water. Do not eat, drink or smoke while mixing. Prevent drift of spray to other crops, water supplies, dams or rivers. Keep container tightly closed when not in use. Rinse empty container three times and add rinsings to the contents of spray tank. Destroy empty container and do not use for any other purpose. Prevent contamination of food, feeds, drinking water and eating utensils.

GARDENA Pressure Sprayer 5-litre Comfort
The ergonomic Pressure Sprayer for plant care. With integrated cone opening for easy filling and treads for comfortable pumping

With the Pressure Sprayer 5 l Comfort from GARDENA you will be well-equipped for various plant care tasks in your garden. Use it to precisely treat your flowers, shrubs or even trees - whether for spray irrigation, fertilising or plant protection, chemically or organically. Before you start, you build up pressure in the 5-litre container by pumping the practical D-handle up and down. As the spray bottle also has ergonomic foot treads, you always have a firm stand while pumping. For making your own organic plant treatments, recipes and the corresponding nylon filter are included with the appliance. Using this filter it is simple to strain a nettle brew to spray for protection from pests such as aphids. The filling process is made considerably easier by the 12 cm cone opening. When everything is ready for the spraying process, you use the ergonomically placed shoulder strap, which makes carrying the sprayer comfortable. To find out how much liquid is still in the tank, just look at the viewing strip. The spray lance fits very well in the hand and has a locking function so that the Pressure Sprayer 5 l Comfort lives up to its name in this respect as well. With the spray jet or the spray mist you have the choice of two different spray patterns to treat your plants flexibly.

* Treads for a firm stand
The Pressure Sprayer 5 l Comfort has ergonomic foot treads including nozzle protection. In combination with the wide D-handle, these ensure a safe and firm stand even on uneven surfaces when pumping to build up pressure.

* Practical accessories
The included nylon filter can be inserted as an accessory. It is specially designed for straining home-made plant treatments. Suitable recipes for organic and sustainable brews are also included.

* All in one glance
Reading the fill level is very easy thanks to the viewing strip. So you know immediately how much liquid is still in the 5-liter container.

* Flexible spray nozzle
The nozzle of the spray lance is not only infinitely adjustable (from spray mist to jet spray), the spray lance handle also has good ergonomics and can be locked in place.

* Easy filling
The 12 cm cone opening of the Pressure Sprayer makes filling much easier.

* Safety
The safety valve releases pressure from the container when there is too much, thereby guaranteeing safety.

* Protection
Nozzle protection included in the foot treads.

* Volume: 5 litre
* 2 spray patterns: Jet spray & fine mist spray
* Maximum operating pressure: 3 bar