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GARDENA Hand-Held Wash Brush - PVC Bristles

R 314.59

GARDENA Hand-Held Wash Brush: 🌟 Sparkling Clean Made Simple and Gentle 🚗💦

Experience the power of gentleness with GARDENA Hand-Held Wash Brush - PVC Bristles! Designed to cleanse with a soft touch, this brush is your perfect ally for bringing back the shine to sensitive areas, without causing any damage.

Perfect Precision Our brush boasts a flat, narrow shape, enabling you to reach all those tricky corners and narrow spaces with ease.

💧 Water Control at Your Fingertips With the ability to infinitely adjust the water quantity, you enjoy full control of your cleaning process. Lock the water flow whenever needed, it's as simple as a click!

🧴 Shampoo Wax Sticks: For a Deep, Gentle Clean Our biodegradable GARDENA Shampoo Wax Sticks not only clean effectively but also gently, making them perfect for paint and plastic surfaces like cars, motorhomes and more. Experience sustainable cleaning like never before!

🖌️ Sensitive Yet Effective Our hand-held wash brush has been crafted with bristles that are gentle enough for sensitive surfaces, but strong enough to clean effectively.

🎯 Brush Your Way to Every Corner Thanks to its flat and narrow brush head, cleaning into the smallest corners becomes a breeze.

💦 Effortless Cleaning with Flowing Water Our GARDENA Hand-Held Wash Brush is water-connected and features an Original GARDENA System connection, making your cleaning process a whole lot smoother.

Give your sensitive surfaces the gentle touch they deserve with the GARDENA Hand-Held Wash Brush - PVC Bristles. Start your journey to a sparkling clean space today! 🛒


Product Specifications
* Use: For cleaning garden furniture, garage doors, vehicles etc.
* Warranty: 5 years