GARDENA Electric Lawnmower PowerMax™ 1600/37

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Powerful and particularly comfortable - for maintaining medium-sized lawns
The powerful GARDENA Electric Lawnmower PowerMax ™ 1600/37 is ideally suited for maintaining medium-sized lawns. Specially hardened DuraEdge knives leave optimal cutting results. The ErgoTec Plus handle is particularly comfortable and makes pushing the mower extremely easy and flexible. Thanks to QuickFit Plus, the cutting height can be easily adjusted centrally in 5 levels. Lawn combs on the housing make mowing along walls and lawn edges easier. The CnC Plus system enables optimal cutting and catching and therefore less emptying of the grass catcher. Thanks to the telescopic handle and the foldable folding handle, the mower can be perfectly adapted to the body size, easily transported and stored in a space-saving manner.

* Efficient cutting and catching
Thanks to the CnC Plus system, the electric lawnmower leaves convincing results. Due to the improved and guided air circulation, significantly more grass clippings get into the grass catcher so that it has to be emptied significantly less while mowing.

* Ergonomic handle
The handle with all-round ergonomically shaped bracket switches makes operation comfortable and extremely flexible. The ergonomic shape of the handle supports the natural hand posture, making pushing and maneuvering the mower particularly easy. The mower is flexible to use and can be triggered at any position of the handle.

* Easy cutting height adjustment
Thanks to the QuickFit Plus central height adjustment, the cutting height can be adjusted very easily at the push of a button.

* Suitable for every body size
The telescopic handlebar can be optimally adapted to the body size. The folding frame can simply be folded up for space-saving storage and easy transport.

* Power: 1600 W
* Working width: 37 cm
* Catch box: 45 l
* Cutting height, min. - max.: 20-60 mm
* Cutting height adjustment: QuickFit Plus
* Maximum area capacity: 500 m²

Overall dimensions
* Weight: 13.7 kg

Vibration and noise data
* Sound power level, LWA: 96 dB (A)
* Sound pressure level at the operator's ear: 85 dB (A)