GARDENA Comfort Scrubbing Brush

R 485.00

The Scrubbing Brush for robust floor surfaces
Clean easily and effectively – with the GARDENA Comfort Scrubbing Brush. It can be used with all Original GARDENA Cleansystem Running Water Handles

* With flat spray nozzle and scraping edge
With the flat spray nozzle and scraping edge, you will effectively battle dirt. With this additional function, the Scrubbing Brush loosens stubborn dirt.

* Water-connected and thorough
This 27-cm-wide Comfort Scrubbing Brush receives its cleaning water directly through the Running Water Handle. Through the practical OGS connection, it is safely connected with the GARDENA Cleansystem Running Water Handle of your choice. The system thoroughly cleans robust surfaces.

* With high and low bristles
Various length bristles reach everywhere: particularly with uneven floor surfaces. Effortless, clean results are achieved with joints and recesses.

* Use: For cleaning patios, paths, garage driveways etc.
* Warranty: 5 years