GARDENA combisystem Storage Set

R 766.00

Everything has its place – that makes tidying up fun
When everything has its place, any kind of work is rendered easier. The GARDENA Tool Rack is screwed onto the wall and is a boon for anyone who likes it tidy. The Tool Rack consists of an aluminium rack with holders made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic. Galvanised steel hangers with non-slip sleeves secure handles with a diameter of 18 to 40 mm. House- and garden tools, combisystem connecting tools (e.g. brooms, rakes, hoes etc.), Original GARDENA System connecting devices (e.g. nozzles, sprayers) or other accessories (e.g. shears with loop) can be stored in a space-saving and accessible way. Now you have everything visible at a glance and easy to access. And if you choose – you can better combine all tools and products to suit your needs. That's clever, fun, and makes garden work easier. You'll have system in your garden-tool depot and simplify your daily gardening even more. Each holder has a total weight capacity of 10 kg. The complete Tool Rack has a total weight capacity of up to 60 kg. The Tool Rack is supplied with screws and wall plugs.

* Practical
Everything has it's place: Holder for combisystem tool heads, additional hooks for storing various products (e.g. secateurs with loop, other useful accessories) and special hanger for Original GARDENA System accessories such as nozzles, sprayers, etc.

* Flexible
Storage of different handles (diameter 18 - 40 mm): wooden and aluminium handles, telescopic handles, ergoline handles, etc.

* Robust
Up to 10 kg weight capacity per single holder.

* Long lasting and sturdy
Aluminium rack with holders made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic. Galvanized steel hanger with non-slip coating.

* Use: Space-saving storage of home- and garden tools
* Warranty: 25 years