GARDENA Car Wash Set

R 899.00

Car washing made easy
For effortless work and ideal adaptation to inaccessible spots.

* Set - with price advantage
With the Car Wash Set, you will have everything you need for gentle and effective car care. Included in the set are the GARDENA Wash Brush, the corresponding Running Water Handle and the Shampoo for cleaning your vehicle. You can get right down to work and save money.

* Rotatable and easy-to-use
Fully rotatable in 30° steps – the Wash Brush can reach anywhere and is flexible in use.

* PET for gentle cleaning
The high-quality bristles made of PET ensure gentle and effective cleaning of sensitive surfaces.

* Water-connected and versatile
This convenient, water-connected Wash Brush is flexible in use and has a width of 27 cm.

* Use: Gentle, effective cleaning of vehicles and sensitive surfaces
* Included Components: 1 x Wash Brush, 1 x Running Water Handle 90, 1 x Shampoo
* Warranty: 5 years