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Baking Secrets: Recipes for Every Occasion

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Baking Secrets: Recipes for Every Occasion

Martjie Malan

Bake to remember, bake to forgive, bake to cherish and bake to love. Whether it is an occasion to celebrate or one to say goodbye, baking has a nurturing and comforting effect. Bake for every occasion, but bake especially because you enjoy it.

Here you will discover how creative her baking is, how calming the ritual of beating and whisking and how therapeutic it is to surrender your thoughts and worries to a cloud of flour and vanilla. – Errieda du Toit

Being a classic baker Martjie shares her passion for precision, and makes it doable with easy to follow steps, grounded on basic techniques and guidelines, sharing secrets few other baking books offer. Martjie guides you seamlessly from basic recipes, gradually giving you the confidence and experience to master the more difficult, technical ones.

A joy to read, and a feast for the eyes, it showcases an essential selection of quality recipes, helping you create a menu for every occasion. From Martjie’s legendary Meringue cake to her dark chocolate tart, she teaches you the art of the flakiest melt-in-your-mouth pies, simple crumpets, french pancakes, basic tips and secrets.

About the Author

Martjie Malan has been involved in baking since she could reach the stovetop. This book shows her passion for reading, writing recipes and creating stories and memories around them. In 2015, she took part in the baking television programme, Koekedoor, which exposed her to the world of television. She is now co-content and kitchen director of two successful children’s cooking and baking reality shows: Kokkedoortjie and Koekedoortjie. Martjie also owns a cooking school for children and adults, Martjie Malan Cooking School for Kids, where, as a qualified teacher, she brings her love of children and her love for cooking together in one kitchen.