Acid Loving Plant Food

R 99.00

Acid Loving Plant Food is a balanced blend of acidifying agents and trace elements, which when used as directed will adjust the pH level of the soil to a range of between 5.0 and 6.0, prevent and cure Iron Chlorosis (yellowing) and restore natural leaf colour of Hydrangeas.

Uses and Benefits
* Easy to apply
* Easily absorbed by the plant
* Enhances the blue colour of the Hydrangea blooms
* Promotes photosynthesis and respiration in the plant
* Assists the plant to resist diseases and remain healthy throughout the growing season
* Replaces Iron deficiency often found in acid soils.
Acid Loving Plant Food is used in addition to normal fertiliser programmes

Method of Application
Acid Loving Mix is applied directly to soil at budding stage
* Sprinkle 40g (two tablespoonfuls) round the plant
* Rake lightly into the soil
* Repeat after five weeks

Aluminium Sulphate - 40.0% by mass
Ferrous Sulphate - 40.0% by mass
Sulphur [S] - 20.0% by mass [31.0 total content].